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This group was founded primarily for pro wrestling and vampires, but now features other random discussion, heavily relying on pro wrestling vernacular. Please give us a visit. Have a nice day! Bang! Bang!
Mysterious Forums
Mysterious Forums is your typical everyday wrestlind discussion board, but with an extra kick. Lots of modications installed such as a store, an arcade with over 100 games, and lots of other hidden extras when you become a member.
Pro Wrestling Forum
Includes forums for various topics surrounding wrestling as well as general issues.
Shabby D Wrestling Forum
A forum dedicated to wrestling but also has other topics such as sports, music and games.
Provides news, columns, reviews, interviews, games, forums and chatrooms.
The Shrine
Message board for discussing professional wrestling related topics. Includes news, downloads, photos, video games, and sports.
Forums for discussion about the latest happenings in the WWE.
WrestleZone Forums
Online discussion forums for fans of pro wrestling. Covers WWE, NWA:TNA, and also non-wrestling topics.
Wrestling Shoes and Gear
Retailer sells wrestling shoes and other wrestling gear
WX Forums
Discussion board for all fans of pro wrestling. Topics range from WWE to NWA:TNA to non-wrestling banter. Official forums of
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