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Conservatvie blog
A conservative blog that discusses the latest in conservative news
A student for democracy
Highly controversial debating site about American/European politics. Unmoderated and uncensored. Lots of add-ons, very addictive. All languages and all opinions welcome!
America's Debate
Discuss current events, politics and government in a civil and constructive fashion. Features forums, rules and contact information.
An United Nations open discussion forum. The site also has facts and figures, news, articles, interviews about United Nations events and actions. Comment on News, state your opinion!
Common America
Common America works to create better politics and government. Through this community we allow interaction between what we are trying to do and potential supporters.
Conflicting Views Political Forums
Political Discussion and Debate Forums.and History.
Conservative Discussion
A safe place to discuss and debate the issues. Ultra modern forum design and voted #1 Conservative discussion forum on the web.
Debate Politics
A forum for debating and discussing hot topics in the US. Topics include abortion, gay marriage, the US constitution, war on terror, and daily media bias.
Debate USA
Various US political forums.
Democratic Underground
Left-wing presentation of news items and discussion board.
Millennial Politics
Discussion forums / message boards. Theme/Focus: issues and politics for Americans age 25 and under. Registration Information: users are required to select a username and password before posting a new discussion or replying to an existing one. Discussion Structure: threaded.
Mondo Politico
Discussion Forum/Message Board. Theme/Focus: Politics and political issues in the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Ireland.
National Issues Forums
Discussion forum / message board. Theme/Focus: national problems. Registration Information: users can select author names on the fly (no username or password registration required).
A truly independent online magazine for free thinkers that offers news & analysis of global politics, democracy & elections.
Political Crossfire
Discussion and debate on political, cultural and social issues. Includes news and FAQ.
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