Drug Rehab Centers

Are all drug rehab centers the same?

Not at all. Just like any form of medical care — and remember, substance abuse is a disease — there are plenty of good care providers, and a few not-so-good ones.

By taking advantage of our no-cost referral service, you can feel confident that we’ve weeded out the bad apples; any facility you choose will be high-quality, professional drug rehab treatment.
What are the characteristics of a top-quality drug rehab center?

A good drug rehab facility will include the following:

Accreditation by the appropriate oversight agencies
Medical/inpatient drug detox
24-hour nursing care on-site
Administrators and staff well-experienced in addiction treatment
Mental health/dual diagnosis treatment programs
Relapse prevention strategies taught to clients
The option of holistic drug treatment

How do I truly make sure it’s the right fit for me?

Chances are, there will be more than one drug rehab center that’s both high-quality and offers the type of care you or your loved one needs. Ask yourself these questions before making the final decision:

How much will drug rehab cost?
What treatment services are covered by health insurance?
What is the drug rehab center’s philosophy on addiction?
What unique services/amenities does this facility offer?
Does this facility specialize in one type of patient (such as women or teens)?
How long will it take to complete the drug rehab program?
How is the difficult detox process handled at the facility. What will they do to ensure the comfort of me or my loved one?
What outpatient/continued care services are available after drug rehab is complete?

An addict’s positive attitude toward recovery is key to success.

It’s important to remember that drug rehab centers are not magic pills. A successful recovery hinges on the fact that the addict has to want to be clean.

If your loved one has a problem with addiction but is unwilling to seek treatment, it may be time for an intervention. Interventions have a proven track record in making addicts realize how destructive their drug abuse has become. Call Treatment Solutions today to find out if an intervention is right for you.

After drug rehab is complete, it is equally important that the recovering addict stay motivated and continue to, again, want a better, sober life. There are lots of resources that will be helpful to the addict during this period, including outpatient counseling services and support groups.

The most important statistic? The success rate is 100%, one day at a time, for those who truly want recovery.

No matter your insurance, be it Cigna, Aetna, Humana, Blue Cross / Blue Shield (BCBS), Assurant, Unicare, United Health Care, Anthem, Carefirst, Asuris Northwest Health, Golden Rule, Celtic Insurance, Fortis, Health Net, Kaiser, Vista, Shelter, Wellpoint, Tri Care, Accordia or even Medicare, and state insurance — we can help you find a dual diagnosis treatment program. We also offer many affordable self pay options as well as luxury drug rehab centers.

For many heroin addicts, one critical step in the recovery process is choosing to follow a rehab visit with extended care at a sober living environment. For many people in Massachusetts, a sober living environment for heroin rehab MA can bridge the gap between primary treatment for heroin addiction and independent living. The Granite House provides a three-phase program in a residential setting that increases the chances of long-term sobriety.

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